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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 30, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> stev >> reporter: yeah, it looks like things may have backed off a little bit, tamron. we had a heck of a lot of rain this morning. upwards of two inches officially at reagan national airport. some areas east of here picking up six and seven inches of rain. there were some water rescues reported in the last couple hours near a metro station here in d.c. at the edge wood terrace area at rhode island avenue. so, yeah, parts of d.c. got tremendous amounts of rain. the rain is all the way from the carolinas up through virginia and the eastern shore, all the way up to nye city and getting into new england as well. we'll deal with this for at least the next 24 to 36 hours as the whole mess works up the coast. there could be severe weather in there as well. still under a tornado warning in the area. also as we head to southeast
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pennsylvania. we've had tornado warnings. we'll keep you updated from here. the rain may have stopped, but the wind is starting to blow a little bit. we're still not out of the woods yet. >> north of where jeff is now, a tornado watch has been issued for delaware, northeast maryland, and southeast pennsylvania. that's in effect until 7:00 tonight. mara is in bound brook, new jersey. doesn't look too bad. >> reporter: you can see it's dry. the water levels are normal still. this is expected to get on the move later, and then it's really going to reek havoc on the area. this area is expected to get two to four inches of rain tonight and overnight. that is more rain than the state of new jersey got for the entire month of august.
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they're also expecting high winds. certainly enough to bring down power lines and tree limbs and the like. in terms of flooding, there's a canal here. the river is right over there, about 100 feet away. and this is a river that is prone to flooding. this area of bound brook is partially built on a floodplain. they have seen floods in the past. the entire state of new jersey and pennsylvania are on flood watch. the good news is they've seen a drought. so water levels are lower than normal. however, right now the water level is 10 feet below flood levels. it's expected to rise a foot past flood stages to lead to minor flooding. back to the drought i mentioned. this area has been under a drought watch since early september. residents have been asked to voluntarily conserve water.
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so the storm will do two things. one, it's going to bring much needed water to the region. the drought has kept the levels of water, rivers, streams and reservoirs pretty low. that will help when it comes to flooding and the like. still, tornado watches across the region. >> all right, thanks, mara. if you are among the millions trying to stay safe and dry on the east coast, upload your pictures and video if you have it. and new jersey governor is calling the suicide of a rutgers university freshman unspeakable tragedy. a gifted violinist who won a scholarship to the university killed himself after his sexual encounter with a dorm room was secretly streamed onto the internet. police say clementi's two
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classmates used a webcam to show it. some are now saying they should l-gqlqñ[ñs?1ç# serious. mike tiabbi is live. what else is the governor and others saying at this hour about this? >> reporter: yeah, there's a growing course of voices saying this particular incident should be prosecuted as a hate crime, not just a case of video or cyber bullying. but because of what was said by the two suspects, what was tweeted by one of the two suspects as the video was being streamed. dharun ravi tweeted this. roommate asked for the room till midnight. i went into molly's room and turned on my webcam. i saw him making out with a dude. yay. a reference to a homosexual encounter. right now the charges are only
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on privacy violation laws. ironically, the terrible accident happened just as this university was embarking on an effort to improve civility in this technological age. >> we don't create safe spaces. we're trying to create an entire campus where everywhere is safe. >> reporter: too late for this gifted 18-year-old student, tyler clementi. his parents were in nye identifying a body that washed up in the hudson yesterday. three days after this incident jumped off the george washington bridge into the hudson river. new help may be on the way for students who face being bullied in schools. the safe schools improvement act has won widespread support from educators, administrators and the national pta. joining me live now is congresswoman linda sanchez of
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california who introduced the legislation in the house hchl thank you so much for joining me? >> thank you for inviting me and highlighting this specific issue. i really appreciate it. >> this bullying issue is across the board. i'm sure you heard the story being investigated in rutgers. that's at college age we are seeing these allegations. i can only imagine how it feels for a sixth grader or somebody who is a freshman of high school. you want to be a part of the incrowd. but so many kids find themselves on the outside being bullied. >> right. >> it's not even a matter of being in the incrowd. it's just a matter of not being picked on or trying to go unnoticed. as a recent mom myself, i think about all of the incidents of harassment and physical violence, mental cruelty that are happening on campuses all across the country. i think the legislation that i've introduced squarely
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addresses the issue. i think it's something we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to any longer. >> let's show the audience legislation. it will would require schools and districts receiving federal funds to adopt codes of conduct that prohibit bullying and harassment, including on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, and gender identity. congresswoman, i have to ask you, as you mentioned your own children. so many people mistake this as a right of passage. kids have always survived being picked on and part of it is just bearing through it. but that's obviously a ridiculous argument when you're looking at children who are taking their own lives because of the pressure. >> it's terrible. many people still see this as traditional schoolyard bullying. they think it's character building and you have to stand up to bullies. it's totally changed. it's not about the traditional schoolyard bullying. with kids who text each other more than they speak to each
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other. the amount of time they spend online. you can be harassed 24 hours a day, seven days a week even at home. at least in the traditional school bullying context. you could escape that when you got home. you could feel safe in your house. these kids are bombarded. it's intended to be embarrassing. to really cause acute imbakucut embarrassment and shame. how many more kids have to go through this and lose their lives before adults, responsible adults are going to sit up and take notice that it's a new age and we really need to address this. >> we're a couple weeks into the school year for many schools around the country. 13-year-old seth walsh. he killed himself earlier this month because he was the target of anti-gay bullying. 13-year-old asher brown of texas.
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killed themselves because they were the target of anti-gay bullying. in your legislation you tackle all -- cover all bases here. does there need to be an additional stand when it comes to perceived sexuality, whatever you choose to divine it as. it seems like these children are being targeted more than ever. >> they are often children going through these issues of gender identity or sexual or j generalatiogenera orientation. and they're not. but they're harassed to this the point where they don't want to go back to school. one in ten students drop out of school because of bullying or harassment on the schoolyard. kids bullied or harassed have higher incidents of depression,
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suicide, they do more poorly in school. bullies who go unchecked, there's a high correlation with them becoming career criminals as adults. nobody tells them this is unacceptable behavior. my legislation requires schools to adopt a stance that says this kind of behavior will not be tolera tolerated. that's a minimum standard all schools can agree to. >> congresswoman linda sanchez out of california, thank you so much. greatly appreciate you coming onto talk with us about this. >> my pleasure. thanks again. the race for nye governor is getting uglier with one candidate caught on camera threatening to take out a reporter. paladino, republican backed by the tea party got into a heated confrontation with hick last night. he asked paladino if he had evidence to prove his claim that opponent democrat andrew cuomo was cheating on his life. >> do you have any evidence for the charge you made? it's a simple question. >> of course i do. you're not entitled to it. at the appropriate time, you'll
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get it. >> msnbc contributor michael smerconish, before i get your thoughts, i want to put a little bit of paladino's statement. he said the nye post sent a photographer to his buffalo home where paladino's 10-year-old daughter lives her mother. he attempted to take photos through windows and subsequently intended to follow the child to the playground. that's his explanation for the level of anger he showed. >> it's hard to defend a guy who wants to be governor and tells a reporter i will take you out. but the full picture here suggests to me, tamron, that there's a lot of bad behavior to go around. who speaks for that 10-year-old girl? that 10-year-old girl was outed as a love child in the sunday
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new york post. everything now seems like it's in tla l play. i don't think everything ought to be in play. i blame him for crossing the line with the reporter. the full tape shows bad behavior on his part. on the bigger question of have we gone too far, it makes me wonder are there folks out there who look at this who have a desire to serve, maybe there's something in their past, there's something in the past of a lot of people. what the hell, i'm staying out of it. look how ugly it gets. >> michael, in his rebuff to the reporter, carl paladino doesn't just defend his on nor and that of his 10-year-old daughter, he then brings in andrew cuomo's marriage or divorce and allegations that he cheated. he doesn't take the high road. he does what you're criticizing. you say what's off limits.
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carl paladino doesn't think it's off limits to accuse andrew cuomo of cheating. >> you are correct. that's equally appalling. it began with the media. and i'm not giving him a pass. it was tit for tat and equally ad baz. now the cuomo family has to be involved in this. it speaks to a vicious pattern we need to address. you may be interested to know within the last couple weeks i interviewed gary hart he saw his presidential aspirations flame out because of this issue. how could i not ask him? i said, senator, after all this time what do you think the stan dpard should be. and he said, i'm paraphrasing, does it have baring on your able to do a job? i would suggest it does not. some would say it's a picture of the character of the man. whatever the standard is, we have to reign it in. >> let me play kate snow's interview with carl paladino.
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it is a surprise how close this race is to some people. >> i am angry. that's okay. it's all right to show people that you're angry. it sort of gets the discussion going. >> who you angry at? >> angry at a government that took advantage of the people. >> obviously that was before, that interview was before this incident caught on tape. he says he's angry. he feels the government has taken advantage. you have andrew cuomo, a part of this legendary family, and this guy who has posted awful things, he admits on the internet showing the president and first lady in costumes, in a doctored up photograph, racially tinged e-mails that he's still so close to andrew cuomo in the zat. >> passion is driving what's going on in the landscape today. i keep waiting for the reasonable middle to awaken in this country. man, i hope that happens soon.
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surk usa today this morning showcased six democrats leaving. arlen specter at one extreme. evan bayh at the other. we seem to pro mote incivility. then we send knuckle heads to washington. people who do what i do for a living with a microphone like this in front of them. they have to get reigned in. gridlock is going to result. >> michael smerconish, good to see you. see you tomorrow, michael. >> you go it. that is what the government showed would have happened if the time square bomb would have worked. 8% of students never graduate high school. for hispanics that number is more than doubled. what is being done to fix the problem?
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we are back with our education nation initiative. all this week we're focusing on our nation's schools and how to help our children succeed. we look now at the crisis involving hispanic students. one of the issues president obama addressed during his backyard conversation in albuquerq albuquerque, new mexico, earlier this week. >> african-american students, latino students, we're doing worse in science and math than the overall average. so america is 21st and 25th. if you looked at performance and of latino and african-american students it would be lower. that's inexcusable. that's the fastest growing portion of our population. >> nbc news education correspondent rehema ellis joins us with more on this. i imagine it's hard to target one group. you have to find the unique
2:20 pm
problem keeping the number of dropouts so high and try to fix it. >> it really is. it's a very difficult problem. across the country you have legislators and those in offices of superintendents and school departments and schoolhouses who are trying to figure out what to do. i think we have a full screen, tamron, to show you among hispanics. you look at the the number. 18.3% among hispanics. that's double what it is among african-americans and more than four times the dropout rate for whites in the country. some people ask why is this happening? a study from the pew hispanic center found that in 2008 that 74% of hispanic kids who dropped out of high school or college said the reason they were dropping out is because they needed to support their families. that's unacceptable that children are finding their families are living in situations that may be at poverty level or below poverty.
2:21 pm
they feel pressured not to go to school and instead to get a job. whatever kind of job they can get to help put food on the table. so we've got to do more to help these families. in fact, i was talking with a woman if from the national counsel of laraza. she said we have to get back to the basics and help families help their children do better in school. >> you know. >> asking the families, particularly hispanic families to help may be more difficult in that some of the parents, perhaps, don't speak english. or english is not their first language. you're dealing with children starting in pre-k, and they are behind because they have to learn english first. >> it's a complex problem. you have english language learners in the school. we should be mindful of this. 20% of all children in public schools today are hispanic. that's one out of every four children in the classroom is
2:22 pm
hispanic. some of the children may not have english as a first language. janet ragea says we have to get back to basics. we have to provide better early education for hispanic children where it's not being pushed as hard it should be in many hispanic communities. we have to do that if we're going to give these children a real head start, if you will, on education. >> now we have the cofounder, executive director of -- latino. do you think the lusolution is getting back to basics when we look at the dropout rate? >> i want to appreciate what rehema said. yes, there's an 18% dropout rate. but conversely it's because they have to support their family. when you ask immigrant parents is your child going to go to college? 94% say yes. if you ask the same kid.
2:23 pm
89% of them say yes. clearly there's a gap when it goes to getting to college. how do you teach students? how do you teach parents? how do you teach educators to make sure they are getting the correct building blocks? i hate to use myself as an example, but i was the first person in my family to go to college. i had the same thing. my mother said you're going to college. luckily, i had a counselor that was able to help me build my, you know, when i was in high school able to help me take the classes i need to. i had no idea what an s.a.t. was and what it meant. it was a basic lack of learning. >> before we can get them to college, we have to get them out of high school. secretary arne duncan said, listen, college may not be the option for all children. but they all deserve a high school diploma to be able to be competitive and be trained to have a job to be table to take care of their families.
2:24 pm
>> something that is very curious. myspace basically taught kids how to program. they taught them computer programming. 5 million latino kids were on myspace doing math and science. not knowing it. how do we look at education by the tools they're already doing by being active on the internet? and translate them through items and needs they already understand? >> you know, that is a great point. we talked about that yesterday. before i let you go, what is the one thing you would like to see immediately addressed twn hispanic community to try to deal with the dropout rate? what is the most important thing you can say to the families? >> the parents have to be actively involved in the education system. how do we create programs where the parent feels they have the authority to engage in a conversation with teachers? right now there's a leadership gap. parents feel they do have the authority to talk to a teacher
2:25 pm
and say how can i improve at home to ensure my kid is meeting the curriculum? >> you have me stumbling all over the place. i love having you on. be sure to visit and click on "to learn more." you'll have resources for how your child's school stacks up against others across the country to local parenting chat groups. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar
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the miners in chile could be rescued soon. plus teachers often use video cameras to record themselves to evaluate how they are doing. now one principal is under fire for videotaping the teachers. did he cross the line?
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former president jimmy carter was released from the hospital a few moments ago. he was hospitalized after becoming ill on a flight to cleveland. it's not clear when he'll resume his tour to pro mote his latest book. well, meg whitman, the republican candidate in the california governor's race is not just fighting off her opponent jerry brown. for the second day she's denying accusations from her housekeeper that she employed her knowing she was an illegal immigrant. mark murray is here. mark, a lot of voices getting in on this. >> exactly, tamron. this has turned into a major distraction for the whitman campaign. not only do they have to contend with jerry brown, the democratic nominee, and gloria alred, now the powerful organization union has an independent expenditure
2:33 pm
campaign tv ad in spanish hitting meg whitman while she was run during the republican primary saying she would not grant amnesty towards illegal immigrants. this tv ad says she attacks illegal immigrants and then hired one for nine years. certainly a distraction with 33 days out. this is all about the economy. california's budget deficit. every day whitman isn't talking about that and instead talking about this former housekeeper isn't a good day for her. >> i know it is a distraction for her. but this is a major political issue, obviously, if these accusations are true. >> you are correct, tamron. and certainly the latino vote and immigration. immigration is a very big issue in california. and certainly this is a bit of a black eye for her. theirampaign is acknowledging that, one, she never knew she was an illegal immigrant, and she falsified documents about
2:34 pm
that. also that a jerry brown supporter giving money to democratic candidates in the past. they think this is a dirty political trick with just 33 days left. the entire back and forth, even if it's a he said she said or she said he said type of situation isn't good for the campaign. >> in the next half hour meg whitman's former housekeeper is going to hold another press conference. she and her attorney, gloria allred say they're going to show proof that meg whitman knew this woman was an undocumented worker. >> right. yesterday the whitman campaign put out all these documents showing the documents that whitman has received that this woman said she was a legal immigrant in the country. now all the sudden we're going to see alred and the former housekeeper combat that charge. this is now a two-day story. the whitman campaign doesn't want this to be a three or four-day story. there's another debate the candidates will have over the weekend. this is a big distraction for
2:35 pm
the campaign. >> thanks, mark. nato has just announced three coalition service members have been killed in an explosion. that has raised the number of coalition troops killed in afghanistan today to five. we'll have more on that story. and pakistan is continuing to block nato supply trucks from crossing into afghanistan today. the blockade is apparent retaliation after two nato-led helicopters were involved in a cross border attack that killed pakistani insurgents on saturday. a spokesman for coalition forces confirm the gunmen entered the air space after they attacked a remote security avenue zban outpost. today nato vehicles carrying fuel, water and fuel are backed up waiting to cross from pakistan into afghanistan. that has american commanders on the ground in afghanistan looking for alternative routes for trucks to deliver those supplies. early next week, faisal shahzad
2:36 pm
will be sentenced on tuesday. we're seeing video of how much damage his bomb would have caused if it had detonated. the nib recreated the bomb and set it off. different camera angles show the huge force of a blast. also part of a sentencing submission wh he deserves life in prison. he was already plotting his next target. and an nbc news terrorism analyst is here. thanks for joining us. we knew this bombing has potential to kill. he said he wanted to kill at least 40 people. but seeing the video and knowing if those three devices had all gone off and what would have happened, it is stunning to see. >> very much so. think back to maye when we were
2:37 pm
comments on the bomb and how crude it was and how he couldn't put it together the right way. the fbi demonstrate that fe had a little more sophistication, a little more expertise. he would have detonate d a bomb that would have been one of the largest terrorist attacks on u.s. soil. even though he may not have been that capable rjs his intent was deadly. >> he's going to be sentenced on tuesday. do we know if he was able to pass along credible information in part of, i guess, making a deal here? when he was first arrested there was 7 to 10 days before he was arraigned in court. there was a long period where the fbi and nypd were questioning him. the objective was to get the intelligence to speak to several things. who was shahzad working with? were there any other plots? whether or not any of that information is going to factor into the sentencing decision on tuesday, i doubt it.
2:38 pm
i think he's looking at life imprisonment, given what he tied to do. and the fact that he's admitted that he wanted subsequent attacks after the initial one speaks to what type of ram pain he really wanted to go on. i think they're going to throw away the key on him. >> i want to transition us to the terror threat or alleged plot they're looking at overseas. you have germany, france, the uk on high alert. depending on the country as as a result of eight germans and two british brothers at the height of this al qaeda-linked terror plot. what's the latest there? >> well, tamron, several streams are factoring into the current alert. there's a north african threat very focused on france. there's an independent threat focused on the u.k. the one officials are most worried about is the one coming from pakistan. the issue remains whether or not it was in the embryonic stage or
2:39 pm
was further advanced. what we've seen is a number of counter terrorism operations by u.s. forces in pakistan. principally through the predator drone program. but law enforcement and intelligence cooperation is extremely high because they're not sure whether or not operatives have even left the region, are now in europe, or what the status of the planning cycle is. but it's very serious, credible threat, though. >> and roger, some of the information we were reporting yesterday was that one of the plots may have been a mumbai style attack where they weren't using suicide bombers, but they wanted to use a lot of ammunition, a lot of fire power, going in and taking out lives. what does that tell you about the way the terrorists are perhaps planning to operate? >> so, we just talked about faisal shahzad and the very sophisticated explosive device that failed to detonate. you look at the mumbai attack, a group of guys with ak-47s killed over 160 people.
2:40 pm
that lesson is not lost. this is one that u.s. intelligence is very worried about as well as european intelligence right now. >> roger cressey, president of good harbor consulting, thank you, roger. >> you bet, tamron. the chilean miners trapped under ground could be out as early as october 12th. their families celebrated when they got the news yesterday. meanwhile, we're also learning 27 of the families are suing the ch chilean government and the company that owns the mine. kerry, what's the update? >> reporter: well, they're suing the families for $1 million per miner. and they would like to see the government as well as the company here, even though the company sh in bankruptcy, to pay them for the ordeal they're going through. that's a world away from the
2:41 pm
energy they can place here as they're working continuously around the clock. they have three efforts under way. plan "a." plan "b." plan "c." plan "b" seems to be making the most progress. the part that drills down is so difficult to get through the rock. this is the rock they're having to go through. it's among the hardest rock in the region as well as in the world. much harder than quartz. so trying to get through the rock, it's a metamorphic rock if you remember how hard that can be. trying to get through that has been very, very difficult. plan "b" is half way there with what they hope will be a 28-inch diameter hole. a long tube they can put a capsule in, drop down, and then the folks down there will be able to get in and come up one by one. so they've been talking about christmas. now they're talking about maybe mid-octob mid-october.
2:42 pm
so there's a lot of excitement, of course. we look at the video the government has just gotten from the miners shooting it. look at the condition these guys are in. it's really quite amazing to see them. they're clean shaven. they're down there doing work. they're moving e ining heavy eq down there. the drill is digging down to get to those miners. tamron? >> kerry sanders live in chile. thank you, kerry. have you heard? wanted. a new white house chief of staff. confirmed for tomorrow. something we thought you should know. plus a principal at an elementary school videotaping teachers to see what they're doing. some teachers say it's creepy. are you going to say it's crossing the line? student. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman speaks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. [ speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne.
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jimmy fallon, they're rapping. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. also my rapping partner. a salt and peppa thing we've got going on. >> i like it. let's start with "modern family." partially because i'm obsessed with it. it's fantastic. last night in their episode, the second new episode of the season, they finally have this much anticipated kiss between the two gay characters on the show, cameron and mitchell. and a lot of people today now are taking to the internet to see if they're satisfied with how the writers dealt with this. take a look to see for yourself. >> that's the sweetest thing i've ever seen. >> i never want to hear this again.
2:47 pm
you, not you. >> daddy, i love you. >> so, there you saw it. >> the big kiss was in the background. >> exactly. i think interesting on several levels. let's put out there right now. when the show was criticized last year for not having the central characters show any affection, the writers said we have this in the works in season two. this is not a choose your own adventure type of experience. where you write in and we change it. i like that it wasn't the only thing happening in the scene or on the episode. it was about a bigger issue. that's about how families interact and show affection. the kiss came about when he realized he hadn't kissed his son since he was 12. that's where the issues arose. >> that's an awesome show. i love that show. >> if they played the episode three times in a row on
2:48 pm
wednesday night. i would watch all three. finally just because i love it. you may have seen it on the internet today. it's gone viral. take a look at what i'm showing you. jimmy fallon and justin timberlake rapping about the history of rap. ♪ >> courtney, do you know all the lyrics to that? >> i know some of the lyrics. i don't know all of them. i can study up with you later and we can do our own rendition. the reason i love this so much isn't because it's funny to see the two white guys rapping but because you give something people are familiar with and present it in a new way, and it makes you happy. this is a simple concept. in the world of entertainment. in so many ways you can't go
2:49 pm
wrong with that. >> we know justin timberlake can rap. the surprise for me wasn't the race. i didn't know jimmy fallon could bust a rhyme. >> it was cool. he's doing all this promotion and publicity because he's part of "the social network" which opens tomorrow nationwide. it's great to see people come on these shows and do something a little bit different and have fun. kudos to fallon for thinking that up. >> thank you for latest entertainment news. she is going to post her rapping very soon i'm hoping. there's a new hot spot in las vegas. literally. the hotel hauz a curved design. when the sun's rays hit the building it creates a 15-foot wide hot spot on the pool area. it makes the ground so brutally hot some employees are calling
2:50 pm
it a death rain. it can burn skin, melt plastic. a guest told a local paper the heat scorched his hair. the hotel says it's aware of the problem and working to find a solution. what solution could they have? it's interesting. astronomers discover ad new planet that could be capable of supporting life. the nickname is cool. it's called goldilocks planet because it's the right size and location for life. astronomers say it's the most earth-like planet yet discovered. we won't be moving there any time soon. it was 20 light years away. replant a forest? maybe you want to rebuild homes for those in need? or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express
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can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪
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there's a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should show. white house chief of staff rahm emanuel will resign tomorrow and
2:54 pm
begin his campaign for mayor of chicago. pete rous is expected to be named acting chief of staff. he has been chief of staff since january of 2009 when president obama was inaugurated. and u.s. senate candidate christine o'donnell's nonprofit group is under investigation by the irs. the republican founded the savior alliance for lifting the truth. in 1996 it was on a list of organizations that may lose nonprofit status because it has not filed returns for three consecutive years. it's a pro abstinence outreach group aimed at christians. and crossing the line? you tell me. a north carolina principal wants to know more about what his teachers are doing in the classroom. those are the glasses. teachers were asked to sign a form acknowledging they would be
2:55 pm
vid videotaped. but some had no idea the videotaping would be done so secretly. villa heights elementary principal started wearing the glasses around school, sitting in on glasses. it's meant to be an unobtrusive way of recording at work. but they say the glasses are a distraction. the principal paid $125 for the glasses with school funds, by the way. also the teachers association says the school districts taping policy does not go both ways. administrators can tape teachers. when a assistant principal audiotaped an administrator was demoted and transferred. so the glasses crossing the line? you tell me? twitter me your response. the results of wednesday's vote, did police cross the line by not charging a 68-year-old chicago
2:56 pm
woman who shot a 12-year-old she caught vandalizing her property? 85% of you say that woman should not be charged with shooting the child. 15% of you say yes. a lot of you sent me tweets. her name was miss margaret. i can't tell you how many people said go miss margaret. that wraps up this hour. norah o'donnell picks up things after the break. you're watching msnbc. ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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rain that will be measured in feet rather than inches blasting the east coast, causing major flooding in some areas. a governor gets in an angry confrontation with a governor. what prompted carl paladino to take him out. and new revelations about a college student that committed suicide after a tape of a sexual encounter was put online. two students now facing jail time in


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